Bee Friendly Farm

Bees improve coffee cherry ripening, size and uniformity with their cross-pollination.

As part of the Pollinator Partnership, our farm is certified Bee Friendly since 2016. Honeybee stands are strategically placed throughout the farm.

Honeybees make our coffee better and our farm is an ideal habitat for the honey bee colony.

Bee Friendly Farming Certificate issued by Pollinator Partnership as part of the Bee Friendly Farming initiative


Puerto Rico Coffee Company ensures the highest quality standards and coffee is prepared under the strict Caribbean Kosher supervision of Rabbi Mendel Zarchi, Chabad of Puerto Rico and is Kosher for Passover and all year round.

Caribbean Kosher Logo for certified products

Specialty Coffee Association

Puerto Rico Coffee Company is a founding and active Member of Puerto Rico Specialty Coffee Association, as well as the Specialty Coffee Association of America

Specialty Coffee Association of America
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