Research Opportunities and University Cooperatives

Panorama photo of Finca La Guava coffee plantation in Maricao, Puerto Rico

Land Grant University Cooperative Programs

In support of the Morrill Act for Land Grant Universities, Puerto Rico Coffee Company is available for agriculture research projects.

Are you interested in a research project in Puerto Rico?

Coffee Picker selecting red ripe coffee cherries from the coffee plant
Cacao Pods on Finca La Guava Coffee Plantation in Puerto Rico

What We Offer

A unique learning experience on-site at our 100-acre coffee plantation located in Maricao, Puerto Rico.

We have on-premises housing and a wide range of varieties for study and research opportunities.

Honeybee colonies, working and resting land, and a fresh water river running through the property are available to enhance your research project. Additionally, by focusing your research on Puerto Rico, you will be joining a movement of people who are supporting the island's recovery through the rebirth of sustainable agriculture.

How to Apply

Please complete the contact form below with your university affiliation, number of students, dates interested, and research topic.