Puerto Rico Coffee Company is a family-owned business whose mission is to produce gourmet coffee, cacao and honey in the highlands of Puerto Rico, one of the world’s most remarkably fertile regions.

Made from 100% Caturra and Catuai Arabica beans, our coffee boasts a soft, sweet flavor with subtle hints of chocolate. It is hand-picked and custom-roasted the old-fashioned way — with attention to each and every bean. Our coffee is Caribbean Kosher-certified, and our farm is a registered bee-friendly habitat.

Certified Bee Friendly Farm

Pesticide Free

Sustainable Farming Techniques

Fair Wage Policy

As part of our Pollinator Partnership, our farm is certified Bee Friendly since 2016. Honeybee stands are strategically placed throughout the plantation.  Although coffee is naturally pollinated with wind, hummingbirds and butterflies, to maximize production, the bees dramatically accelerate pollination of the coffee and other crops. A wonderful side benefit of bee pollination is the supply of pure honey.Pollinator Partnership Bee Friendly Farming

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a United States territory, and as such, imports to the U.S. are not subject to duties and/or custom tariffs. Although coffee production in Puerto Rico is costlier than in other parts of the world, our coffee comes with the assurance that you are purchasing from a farm that compensates and treats workers fairly and does not utilize underage employees. Puerto Rico Coffee Company workers are U.S. citizens earning U.S. wages.

Our coffee is not the least expensive, but it is the best, and we think you will agree after tasting for yourself.