Finca La Guava is located in Puerto Rico's rich, fertile, coffee lands, the Cordillera Central, just outside the town of Maricao.  According to local legend, Finca La Guava plantation started growing coffee in 1820 under the direction of Don Moises Espinoza.  Espinoza received the land as a gift from the King of Spain.  From the 1820s through the late 1950s, Finca La Guava was one of the island’s largest and best producing coffee farms. Throughout the centuries, Puerto Rican coffee has been recognized as one of the finest, high-grade Arabica coffees available.

By the end of the 1950s, the farm's roughly 108 lush, fertile cuerdas (.997 of an acre), had fallen into disrepair. Mother Nature had reclaimed her stunning tropical paradise. The original hacienda foundation is hidden beneath 15-foot tall grass with tropical foliage all around.

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Present Day: Post-Hurricane Maria

Using machetes to manually and painstakingly clear the under-brush, cultivating the land in a sustainable manner is our priority. Superb quality Arabica coffee grows alongside cacao criollo, plantains, avocados, pineapples, melons, mango, wild orchids, hibiscus, and other native tropical fruits and flowers.

Over 45,000 Arabica Caturra coffee plants were under cultivation at Finca La Guava prior to Hurricane Maria’s devastating force in September 2017. Many acres of farmland were stripped bare and will take years to fully recover. Once again, we are tasked with restoring this historic paradise. Out of the destruction, we take pride in rebuilding Puerto Rico and reclaiming the former glory of our world-class coffee. To assure a steady supply of coffee for our loyal customers, we partner with our neighboring farms to supplement our own crop. Raising global awareness of Puerto Rican coffee supports our goal of benefiting the island's coffee industry and economy.

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Take a sip and close your eyes to feel what it was like to live centuries ago, when coffee was natural and fresh from the farm.  Finca La Guava's coffee is back and is as divine as when Don Moises first demanded the highest quality cup.

Hints of chocolate in the coffee's fragrance and taste will excite your palate.  Once you have experienced this wonderful taste of the Caribbean, you will know you are drinking the very best cup available – anywhere!